All About Get Rid Of Roaches

If you discover one roach in your house, you probably have a hundred living under your roof. Maybe a thousand. Maybe a lot more. Let’s do some math. Roaches can produce up to 30 egg capsules and within those capsules there could be 15 to 50 eggs. One female cockroach can have up to 30,000 offspring in their lifetime. Here we go: 30x50x30,000 = a LOT of roaches….Just the sight of one roach should be enough warning that you have others. Don’t delay: getting rid of roaches should be your primary concern. The first thing you need to do is to clean your house. Even if you have a clean house there might be food in the cracks of your kitchen counter, a piece of old dog food underneath the couch, or a popsicle stick between the couch pillows. Is that important? You bet. It only takes one kernel of popcorn to feed 15 to 20 roaches. Even your dog’s chew toy could hold enough food particles to host a cockroach buffet.Visit guide to killing cockroaches most effectively for more information.

Once your house is clean and there is no more food or water for the cockroaches to live on, you need to find a way to get rid of the cockroaches that are already there. There are several options you may choose. Some people use pesticides but this can be a messy ordeal. Pesticides are dangerous if they are not used properly and if you have small children or pets they could become sick or get poisoned. Most pesticides have a foul smell can leave an oily residue where you spray them. Unfortunately sometimes pesticides are the only way to get rid of roaches. Many people rely on roach glue traps, but these can also be messy. The roach will step on the trap and the glue will keep it there, until insect dies from starvation or thirst.